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Your Rent, Our Assurance

In the ever-evolving landscape of property management, providing comprehensive services to clients has become a hallmark of success. At RPS inc., we are excited to announce our recent partnership with SingleKey, a groundbreaking collaboration that empowers us to offer Rent Guarantee/Insurance services to our valued landlord clients. This strategic alliance not only enhances our service portfolio but also ensures peace of mind for both landlords and tenants alike.

Embrace a Worry-Free Rental Journey

In instances where tenant reliance for mortgage payments isn't viable, Rent Guarantee intervenes with financial contingency plans and legal reinforcement, assuaging your concerns.


Lease Break Protection

Secure 30 days' rent coverage for unannounced tenant departures.


Eviction Legal Support

For evictions, SingleKey's paralegal team manages all, including legal fees up to CAD $1,500.


Rental Income Insurance

In the event of non-payment, our coverage extends to 12 months' worth of rent (maximum of $60,000).


Automated Rent Collection

Enable automated monthly payments for tenants, boosting their credit scores.


Damage Protection

Shield your property from tenant damage. Get reimbursed up to CAD $10,000 by SingleKey.


Tenant Report

Assure tenant suitability with 2 Tenant Reports (additional to our own screening report) included in each subscription.

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